Secure Data Storage & Sharing

Simple. Secure. Resilient.

Simple. Secure. Resilient.

See how we protect data and provide multi-cloud resiliency.
Digital Confetti™
STASH transforms your data, encrypts and chops it into tiny bits, and stores it securely - without compromise, and without complex key systems.
Multi-Cloud Resiliency
Your encrypted data bits are copied and stored in multiple locations; your data is always available, seemlessly, even if a provider or location goes offline.
Flexible Data Storage
Do you know where your data is? We do. Store data in the cloud or locally; use our data centers, or yours; you see in real time where your data is stored.

Which STASH Product is Right for You?

Backup, archiving, team vaults, sharing. Always secure.

STASH does one thing better than anyone else

We make your data genuinely private and secure

Secure Data

STASH Secure Data

Secure your data in the cloud. Accessible by teams, share data securely from a resilient data vault with terabytes of storage

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Archive & Preservation

STASH Hibernate

Long term secure data archive in the cloud with data conversion to counter media and file format obsolescence

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DigitalConfetti™ • Data & Platform Agnostic • On-Cloud or On-Site • Keys-On-The-Fly™ Data Resilience • Data Integrity For Decades

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