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STASH Client for MacOS
Sync files between your MacOS desktop and your STASH Vault

SHA1: 1840bfa71b7f4732e84fcbe5e1e40ffabedfa533
5.3 MB PKG 0.9.5
STASH Client for Windows
Sync files between your Windows desktop and your STASH Vault

SHA1: 5b18acfbe255322ce00bcc0c691387c8287edb29
1.80 MB EXE
STASH Command Line Client for Bash
Transfer files between your system and STASH Vault using Bash

SHA1: 2ee5aec605dd1d76c86fd9bc1be20a1fc71d3127
13.2kB ZIP 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions

DigitalConfetti™ is an unstructured composition of data (of any kind).  STASH encrypts your files using AES 256 bit technology and then slices your data into smaller pieces before sending multiple duplicate copies to a number of different datacentres (that will also segment the encrypted file pieces within their own facilities).


There are at minimum, 3 accessible copies of your data at any given time, stored with different cloud storage providers or other locations.  If the primary location becomes unavailable, STASH will automatically retrieve one of the other accessible copies from a different cloud storage provider or location.  Storage of any number of copies may be available for extra charge – speak to your account representative for details.

This is a proprietary secure data management system, not an out-of-the-box solution. It's as if your data is on another planet that no one else knows is there. We utilize the most state-of-the-art physical and virtual methods and technology in existence.  Even if someone has access to the storage locations, all they will see is DigitalConfetti™, small pieces of encrypted files.  An attacker would have to find all the pieces, reassemble them in order, and then break the encryption on the file to get access to your data. This is as secure as can be.

  1. Only our customers have access to their unique encryption keys, STASH does not.
  2. STASH cannot access your data, our staff has no access, and we cannot recreate or replicate your data.
  3. STASH uses an authentication method that doesn’t rely on complicated schemes, insecure SMS messages, or one-time codes that are easy to socially engineer.

STASH is a solution that protects your data like no other product. Traditional security vendors sell 'tools' that are used to build fences, walls, traps etc. - but once breached do nothing to protect your data.  STASH works with your existing security infrastructure to protect the data itself.

No – STASH uses a web browser-based interface that will be familiar to anyone that has ever saved a file, the difference is your data is a) encrypted and b) dispersed at the time you save the file. STASH offers a SAAS version for easy implementation, ready to use in 5 minutes. API and Backup implementations that operate in the background, with no impact on existing work practices, processes, or procedures will take a bit longer. STASH will activate custom implementations, deploying a dedicated server in our datacentres or yours, should you need it.

Your files remain encrypted and segmented for the entire time you choose to store them with STASH.  Anyone with access to the storage locations will only see DigitalConfetti™.  Only you will be able to access and decrypt your data.

There is a small overhead, this will equate to less than 10% of the time taken to currently save and retrieve data in your environment.

No – your data can be saved to a storage facility, region, or country of your choice. Alternatively, we can install a STASH Gateway Server on your network so your files are encrypted and dispersed, within your infrastructure. All of the features and functions of the STASH solution are included if you exercise this choice.

STASH also writes to online cloud storage providers or local storage devices.  Custom integrations are available for more complex requirements.

Yes – you can choose to have your data stored in a specified country, geographic location, or with a certain cloud storage provider.

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