STASH Secure Data Storage & Sharing

Here's how we protect your data

Digital Confetti™

Your data is unreadable when its stored as Digital Confetti™ - that means it can't be compromised. Your encrypted data gets chopped into tiny bits and then sprayed out into various storage locations. The result is tiny bits of data everywhere that are indecipherable to everyone. Not even STASH can break it. You are in control. You decide who has access or not, by awarding or revoking permission at anytime.

Keys-on-the-Fly™ Encryption

The data you store with STASH is encrypted with the strongest encryption publicly available. Each user has their own keys for encrypting data, which are generated, on-demand, when a file is encrypted and decrypted. What this means is that there are no keys sitting around to compromise or steal. There's no complex key management scheme to manage (in fact, there's none), and you don't have to worry about a hacker stealing your keys. STASH doesn’t hold your keys, know them, and can’t reproduce them.

Flexible Data Storage

STASH uses a flexible data storage location system to determine where your DigitalConfetti™ data is stored. We can use cloud object data storage from just about any provider, local storage, or your own private cloud storage. If you have specific requirements on where your data must be stored - we can handle it. And you get to see, in real-time, where your data is stored.

Multi-Cloud Resiliency

We take your data seriously - and its always available to you immediately when you request it. STASH keeps multiple copies of your Digital Confetti™ data sets to make sure its available when you need it. If a storage location goes offline or can't be reached - STASH will automatically locate and deliver another copy of your data - its completely seamless to you.

Easy to Use

If you've ever used a web browser or dragged and dropped files - you can STASH. You have better things to do than fight with complex systems, confounding user interfaces, key management issues, or indecipherable configurations. STASH takes the difficulty and guess work out of secure data storage and sharing.

Which STASH Product is Right for You?

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