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Armoured Courier
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Backup/Archiving with Unattended Backups

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Secure Voice, Email, Data & Infrastructure

API access for custom apps & mobile

Supports reseller model / white labeling

File format conversion to keep your data fresh

Add STASH Flex to choose file storage locations


Copies kept for seamless failover


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STASH's most economical per TB secure backup product. Provides secure, short to mid-term storage for unstructured data. Uses multiple storage locations with different providers for multi-cloud resiliency, always accessible data, and seamless failover. Your data is stored as Digital Confetti™, backup with STASH knowing your data is safe and secure.

STASH Hibernate

Secure, long-term data archival storage; in 1 year or 100 years, your data will be available in a form you can use with updated viewers and file format conversions. The must-have for compliance with long-term data archiving regulations. Your data is stored in 7+ different locations, on different media types including Blu-Ray to ensure your data is as secure and available decades from now as it is today.


Private, individual data vault for secure data storage. Used for B2B and B2B2C models with custom branding and white-labeling for resellers. All Safe accounts have the same advanced data protection and resiliency features that come with STASH including Digital Confetti™ and Keys-on-The-Fly encryption.

STASH Armoured Courier

Team-based, shared data vault for secure data storage. A private workspace for your internal team or with external partners. Work on and share data in a secure fashion. All team members have access to the same data repository using an individual sign-in for accountability. Don't send your data through email. Use Armoured Courier.

STASH Secure Mobile Data

Leverage the STASH platform for secure data storage and security in your custom or mobile applications. A secure API on top of a private data vault gives you the ability to add the security features of STASH without the hassle of configuring or maintaining your own cloud storage. We handle the security, permissions, configurations, etc - you get a simple way to store data in the cloud.

STASH Silent Office

Secure voice, email, data, and infrastructure all in one for uninterrupted and unmonitored communications. A small hardware device provides a secure connection from anywhere in the world. Once connected, you get encrypted VoIP, secure email, and a STASH data vault - a complete, secure communications environment.

Optional add-ons:



Let anyone, anywhere view your data. Control who can view it, how many times, and for how long with only an email address and mobile phone number per recipient. Recipients are verified through their mobile phone before they can view the data, and the data cannot be downloaded, never leaving STASH's servers and protection.


Share only the correct data with the right partners. Be confident knowing that your sensitive client data isn't going to another client. Or, rest assured that only authorized data is being stored in your STASH vault. With STASH DLP, you can set rules to block or allow files based on their content, or the position of their content in a file.


With STASH's flexible storage location system, you can choose where you want to store your data. Regulatory requirements dictate you can only store data in the EU - no problem. A sensitive client requires you to store their data in the US - check. You want to store data only in Sydney, Chicago and London with a specific provider - STASH has you covered.

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